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UPDATE! The crew was able to locate and repair the leak on Wednesday night. However, a second leak appeared. The crew located and repaired the second leak Thursday afternoon. 
The water main will be recharged around 2:15 pm 1/17/19. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

 A water main break occurred in Steamboat II last evening. The crew is on site repairing the break. Residents have reported yellow/orange cloudy water. This is a result of sediment getting stirred up. It should subside by running your faucets for a few minutes. Some homeowners in Steamboat II are without water and will be for a few more hours while the crew repairs the break. 
Due to the water main break, water flooded the sledding hill by the Anchor Way Church. The sledding hill is closed for the time being. Please use the sledding hill in Silver Spur. 
Please call the office if you have any questions. 


The city of Steamboat Springs has passed an ordinance to increase the sewer rates for the following 3 years. This in turn effects all Steamboat II Metropolitan District residents. Beginning January 1, 2019, the sewer rate for all single family residences will be $45.60, making the base rate $72.60.  

Silver Spur Disc Golf Map
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Skunk activity in Steamboat II

The skunks are active in Steamboat II! Suzie Romig, a Steamboat II resident, has asked us to post this informative flier for all residents to make their property less habitable to the skunks. Click here for more information. 

District's Open Space Policy
Access to your personal property via the District's open space is prohibited!
We understand at times it is impossible to reach your yards through your own property and under special circumstances, we will grant you limited access via our trails. HOWEVER, it is mandatory that you apply for a permit  AND receive confirmation from us BEFORE accessing our property. Click here for the permit.

Notice to Neighborhood Pet Owners!

West Connector Temporary Trail

Janet Hruby has successfully acquired a temporary easement and has constructed a temporary trail that links RCR 42 to the Gloria Gossard Parkway. It officially opens Friday 7/10/15. Below, she explains the layout and the rules.

"The trail provides a connection from CR 42 to Gossard Parkway in response to requests from residents for an alternate west side path until a long-term planned US 40 sidewalk or core trail extension gets built. While a bit rough and hilly, the trail offers an alternate route to town from US 40.    The back-country trail is on a temporary easement from the property owners and passes completely through private property.  Help keep this trail available by staying on the trail (this means your dogs too). Another reason to stay on the trail is it passes near the gun range property -  stay on the trail to avoid potential hazards.  The trail is for non-motorized use only."

Enjoy this new connection and

Travel Safely,


Janet Hruby

Routt County Road & Bridge Director